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Review of bookiescash.com by Jason on Jan 13, 2010 at 10:06
Excellent site, made well over £2500 just following the full free easy to follow details on here.

Links 247 is an automatic link exchange that is entirely free. This site works by recording the referrer document from an incoming link. That means any approved site that links to us automatically gets a link back from this site.

As long as you link to Links 247, we'll link back to you It's that simple!  Nothing to sign up for, no registering, no forms, and no email to answer. Invest a few minutes to copy our link above to your site and we'll start promoting it right away. Your link will go to the top of the list automatically.

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Every link created on Links 247 is automatically picked up by one of our affliate sites. Links from affiliates are completely free and do not require a reciprical link on your site. (you must still keep the Links 247 link on your site)
Once your site is listed, don't forget to write a review of your products and services. Links 247 reviews are a powerful additional way to build site reputation. Take the time to tell our readers a little about your site, and we'll reward you by placing the review in rotation on all pages

Most webmasters know that links to your site from other places on the web is an important part of building reputation and traffic. A link from our site won't shoot you to the top, but it will help, and it's a great free way to get your site noticed by human and robotic visitors!
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As you may have noticed the text of this site is very similar to misterlinker.com. For more information check out our blog at Link24-7 Blog
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